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FlexKrete repairs take only minutes to complete and can be returned to service in ONE HOUR down to 10 MINUTES!

FlexKrete is a revolutionary concrete repair material that has  proven to be a much better method for our client's concrete repair needs.

Instead of enduring excessive cost, labor, disruption and downtime, FlexKrete repairs can be made quickly and easily without saw-cutting, and are returned to service almost immediately. 

With FlexKrete you can repair Flatwork, Vertical, and Overhead Repairs at a fraction of the time and expense as traditional methods.

FlexKrete is also commonly used for bridge deck overlays and decorative non-skid broadcast applications.

What is FlexKrete?

FlexKrete is an advanced thermoset vinyl polymer that retains unprecedented flexural strength while tenaciously bonding to concrete, asphalt, wood or steel.

FlexKrete is structurally superior to concrete.  This is NOT a cement product with latex modified or polymer additives, FlexKrete is a high strength polymer resin that is uniformly mixed with a clean dry aggregate.

FlexKrete gets much harder and stronger than concrete, attaining compressive strengths of more than 10,000 psi.  FlexKrete can be feather-edged or used in deep holes, and has the toughness to withstand extreme abuse without breaking apart or popping out.

FlexKrete is a non-shrink material that is unaffected by UV rays, so it does not change color or lose its strength when used in outdoor environments.  FlexKrete is unaffected by oils, salts, and most other chemicals that corrode concrete.

Why use FlexKrete?

Since you are only repairing the void, much less materials are needed than when full depth repair methods are used.  Without saw-cutting and putting up cones, you can easily repair, rebuild, and resurface concrete and most rigid surfaces.

FlexKrete is a stronger and more reliable repair material for roads, bridges, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, heavy-traffic floors, stairs, loading docks, warehouses, plants, ship docks, and pitted, delaminated, worn, or cracked concrete.  FlexKrete can even be used for installing machinery pre-casts and anchoring posts or railings.

Some of the most severe, yet successful, applications are those of high-speed truck and car traffic, on bridges and highways, in freight terminals and warehouses, and high traffic industrial areas.  

When you want to make lasting repairs in the quickest and easiest way possible, you can rely on our products!

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FlexKrete is the best concrete repair material for most concrete repair projects. It is superior to a polymer modified concrete and better than epoxy concrete repair products. FlexKrete is a simple concrete repair material, and is very easy to use. Most importantly, FlexKrete is a durable concrete repair product that will last like no other. If you are looking for the best concrete repair patching material, this is it.