FlexKrete Concrete Repair Volume Calculator

FlexCalculator by "Flex"

This spreadsheet was developed so that you can figure an approximation of how much FlexKrete you will need based on the volume of the hole you are filling. Be warned, it is usually very difficult to gauge the AVERAGE DEPTH accurately, and even a 1/4" variance makes a big difference in the volume of FlexKrete required.

It is usually simpler and more exact to guess the size of the hole in gallons, then divide by 4 to estimate the gallons of FlexKrete you will need.

How it works

These estimates are based on the volume of our sand required to fill a void, then extrapolates the volume of FlexKrete you will need based on the ratio of sand you prefer.

For flatwork, most contractors prefer using about 50lbs of sand per gallon of FlexKrete - (3.5 parts sand to one part FlexKrete). We do not recommend using more than 3.8 parts sand to one part FlexKrete unless it is a light duty application.

For vertical and overhead repairs most applications require 2 to 2.5 parts sand.  You will actually get some additional volume from the 2 to 1.5 parts fumed silica which is not calculated in this spreadsheet.

If you are having difficulty estimating the amount of FlexKrete you will need, please contact us for help.

FLEXCALC for WEB.xls Insert Measurement of Voided Area and Ratio of Sand
  Feet Inches            
Length   Cubic Inches
Width     Cubic Feet
Average Depth *       Square Inches
          Square Feet
Ratio of Sand to FlexKrete     parts Sand to 1 part FlexKrete  
FlexKrete Needed:   Gallons OR:  Pints  
Sand Needed:   LBS