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Panama City Distributor Oct-2019.pdf

QUALITY PAYS Flyer Oct-2019.pdf

Vertical Broadcast- USPS REPAIR Oct-2019.pdf


Joint Repair - BUSY INTERSTATE BRIDGE Sep-2019.pdf

Cover Old Tile Sep-2019.pdf

Warehouse Repairs - Stronger than a Forklift April-2019.pdf

FlexKrete handles weight of a 747 March-2019.pdf

FlexKrete Lasts - Street Joint 5 years later March-2019.pdf

Tuff Stuff 15 Minute Installation March-2019.pdf

Crumbled Wall Repair Feb-2019.pdf

Rumble Strips Feb-2019.pdf

Elephants VS FlexKRETE - Vertical Zoo Enclosure Repair April-2018.pdf

Repairing Large Spalling Concrete Areas at Lowe's April-2018.pdf

Major Pothole Repair DFW Intl Airport March-2018.pdf

FlexKrete Repairs and Renews Las Vegas Fremont Street March-2018.pdf


Emergency Concrete Repair at 7-Eleven Oct-2017.pdf

Extreme concrete repair and aluminum oxide May-2017.pdf

Road and Bridge Overlay May-2017.pdf

Dams, Docks and Waterways Repair Feb-2016.pdf

FlexKrete Vertical Monument Repairs

This tip sheet shows how you can resurface a pitted monument and paint it the same day.

Click To ViewAugust 2014

FlexKrete Business Growth Overseas

This tip sheet is a little self horn tooting for how well FlexKrete is being used internationally for big and small jobs.

Click To ViewJuly 2014

Expansion Joint and Joint Spall Repairs

This tip sheet shows how to use FlexKrete to highway joints and bridge expansion joints.

Click To ViewMay 2014

Verticals - Stairs and Bridge Column Repairs

This tip sheet shows how a contractor uses FlexKrete to repair various vertical damage without using forms.

Click To ViewApril 2014

Quality Workmanship - How to Keep Customers Using FlexKrete

This tip sheet shows how a contractor uses FlexKrete and outstanding business practices to retain customers throughout a lifetime.

Click To ViewMarch 2014

FlexKrete Speed Bump Installation in a Parking Garage

This Newsletter shows how simple it is to install speed bumps using FlexKrete. We used 2.5 parts medium sand and 1 part fine sand which made the slurry stiff enough to not run and be easily formable.

Click To ViewFlexNews Spring 2013 - Parking Garage Speed Bump Installation Details

Click To ViewFlexTips December 2013

Repairing Bridge Decks that have Honeycombing

This tip sheet shows how a contractor used FlexKrete and squeegees to repair a bridge deck with thousands of pinholes and honeycombing.

Click To ViewNovember 2013

Warehouse Floor Repairs - Yes you can squeegee FlexKrete

This tip sheet shows how this contractor tackled spalling concrete repair in a warehouse environment.

Click To ViewDecember 2013

FlexKrete Highway and Runway Repairs

This tip sheet shows how we use FlexKrete for airport runway repairs and how to retain expansion joints on your highway repairs.

Click To ViewOctober 2013

FlexKrete Raised Walkway Repairs

This tip sheet shows how a broadcast application on a raised walkway can fix and preserve the concrete, as well as provide a non skid coating.....

Click To ViewFebruary 2014

FlexKrete Lowes Entryway Repairs - Non Skid Surface Installation

This tip sheet shows how a contractor repaired entryways for a Lowes store using a modified broadcast application method.

Click To ViewNovember 2013

FlexNotes June 2008

This newsletter shows bridge deck repairs, armor joint repairs, and FlexKrete on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Click To ViewJune 2008

FlexNotes April 2007

This newsletter shows how we used FlexKrete for many vertical repair applications, from curbs to retaining walls.

Click To ViewApril 2007

FlexNotes March 2007

This newsletter explains the importance of repairing not only the damage, but correct what caused it to begin with.

Click To ViewMarch 2007

FlexNotes October 2006

This newsletter focuses on using FlexKrete for overhead repairs.

Click To ViewOctober 2006

FlexNotes January 2006

This newsletter goes into some detail on our FlexSealer1000 and cost comparisons of products that aren't 100% solids.

Click To ViewJanuary 2006

FlexNotes November 2004

This newsletter shows FlexKrete being used in damp environments and some tips from the good old days.

Click To ViewNovember 2004

FlexNotes June 2004

This newsletter explains various FlexKrete repair processes the early days of FlexKrete.

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FlexNotes March 2004

This newsletter shows some vertical repairs and non-skid applications on stairways.

Click To ViewMarch 2004

FlexNotes October 2003

This newsletter was sent out on our three year anniversary.

Click To ViewOctober 2003