Flatwork Repairs

This page contains pictures of various types of flatwork repairs that are commonly made with FlexKrete.

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A Saw-Cut Comparison

These three combined repairs were made in only one hour, at a fraction of the time and cost as traditional methods.  Pothole repairs, Joint spall repairs, and most other concrete repairs can be made quickly and economically.

Armor Joint Repairs

With our products, armor joints and bridge expansion joints are simple to repair and hold up superbly.

Bridge Deck Repairs

In this bridge deck repair, failing asphalt patching material was routed out to expose the clean concrete base.  The areas were primed then filled flush to grade with FlexKrete.  In this example we also added a single broadcast application without sealer - for training purposes and minor cosmetics.  For bridge deck sealing and overlays, a prime-coat and double broadcast is recommended.

Corner Spall Repairs

This kind of trip-hazard is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  This repair took only 30 minutes to complete and required less than $10 in materials.

Delamination Spall Repairs

Delaminating pavement is common, and if left unrepaired, it will exponentially grow in size and repair costs.  With FlexKrete, spall repairs are now economically feasible. 

Dumpster Slab Repairs

Roll-off dumpsters are abusive to concrete.  This damage was repaired with FlexKrete several years ago and is still holding up perfectly.

Feather Out Puddles

FlexKrete has such a phenomenal bond, that even heavy traffic over a feather edge has held up fine for years.

Feather Out Trip Hazards

These pictures show how you can use the flush-to-grade method on sidewalks and curbs.

Joint Spall Repairs

These joint spall repairs show both the taped-method and the flush-to-grade method.

Manhole Cover Repairs

Deteriorated manhole covers are common, and have traditionally required heavy demolition to repair.  With FlexKrete, these are a snap.

Parking Garage Repairs

These parking garage ramp repairs would have typically caused a complete shut down for several days.  Instead, we used FlexKrete and a three man crew to get these repairs completed in less than a day - without closing the garage.

Pothole Repairs

FlexKrete is economical because you only have to repair the void, not the entire slab.  Why shut down traffic when you can repair pot holes without leaving cones?  Our concrete repair products will open up a whole new paradigm for your traffic management plans.

Ramp Repairs

Retrofit ramps commonly crack off back to about 2.5 inches deep.  FlexKrete is perfect for repairing these because it holds down to a feather-edge.

Rip-Rap Slope Repairs

These pictures show how the standard mixture of FlexKrete and aggregate has enough body to trowel evenly into holes that are on an incline.  You will only need the fumed silica for true verticals and overhead applications.

Thin Spall Repairs

These pictures show the process for repairing spalls.  It is handy to use a screed board for very wide repairs.  Our products enable you to knock out very large areas with minimal disruption.  Instead of saw-cutting and hauling off half of the parking lot - FlexKrete it, and put it back in service the same day.

Speed Bump Installation

This retro-fit speed bump was installed and driven on in less than 1 hour.  Use a simply made form board for uniformity and speed! 

Sunken Slab Repairs

This repair only took a couple hours from start to finish. The base was solid and did not require removing the broken pieces.  In this particular instance, one man performed this complete job in less than 2 hours.

Tined Finish Repairs

Tined finishes are easy when you have the right tools.  Drag it, don't dig it.... make an impression not a cut.  FlexKrete has held up perfectly on this high traffic bridge deck.

Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk repairs are quick and easy with FlexKrete. Why put yourself at risk for a trip and fall lawsuit, when you can make repairs like this in about 30 minutes.

Equipment Housing Repairs

Set equipment and traffic sensors quickly and easily with FlexKrete.

Bridge Joint Repairs

FlexKrete has the strength and flexibility to withstand the movements found near bridge joints.

Bridge Header Joint Repairs

Header joints are reconstructed and opened back up to traffic quickly.

Bridge Pothole Repairs

These bridge repairs were performed by the city of El Paso, and the local aggregate is white.

Sinking Trench Repairs

Utility cut outs often sink after less than a year as the concrete finds it's base. Instead of replacing the concrete and having to do it again a year later... use FlexKrete now and call it fixed for good.

Entryway Transition Repairs

Bi-Con Services, Inc. of Derwent Ohio, opened a new entryway and discovered a 2" lip that was a danger to their forklifts. They repaired it quickly and easily with FlexKrete.