Vertical & Overhead Repairs

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Barrier Wall Repairs

This barrier wall had been demolished by a truck. A two man crew made these repairs in less than four hours. No form boards were used except a 2x6 on the bottom to keep a straight edge. Instead of bringing in a crane, FlexKrete saved the day. The painted barrier wall picture was taken a year later.

Bridge Beam Repairs

This bridge was in sad shape from rusting rebar. Instead of spending millions, this city hired a contractor to use FlexKrete, and spent only thousands. The section shown here is less than 10% of the total volume of repairs that were made.

Bridge Pillar Repairs

Bridge Pillars often spall away because of their proximity to road salt storage areas.  FlexKrete is used to repair the damaged concrete in these photos.  The color match is better today than in 2001, but you can see how less than an hour of using FlexKrete can save on repairs that would otherwise grown in size and volume.

Curb Repairs

These curb repairs give you a good example of the perfect color match, even on vertical repairs.  These types of repairs are simple, fast, and cosmetically appealing.

Inlet Damage Repairs

Municipalities typically have to saw cut these areas out and re-insert an expensive new box.  With FlexKrete, this job took about an hour.

Median Repairs

This is a curb repair that a new FlexKrete contractor installed during a training session
.  It was very quick and the results speak for themselves.

Sound Wall Repairs

We put a stop-watch to this project as we were doing it.  From the time we pulled up until the time we left (with it re-painted), took 45 minutes!

Stair Tread Repairs

This is an exterior hospital stair that went out to bid to local contractors.  All of the bidders specified complete demolition and re-building at over 4 times the cost of the contractor that specified FlexKrete.  These stairs were repaired (with a single non-skid broadcast application) and opened to traffic in less than 2 hours.

Storm Water Inlet Repairs

This storm water inlet was broken all the way across.  A piece of plywood was placed on the underneath side temporarily to ensure a straight line on the bottom edge.  From start to finish this took two hours.

Tilt Wall Repairs

This tilt wall was accidentally placed with an expansion joint that was over 2.5 inches wide. Instead of tearing it all down and starting over, they used FlexKrete to rebuild the corner with a 1/2" expansion joint.

Overhead Repairs

A common sight - where bridge beams are broken by a truck with too tall of a cargo load.  This crew was able to repair these in place in one evening without using forms.   This is a good example of how a bridge can be restored quickly, without the excessive labor, costs, and questionable results of typical shotcrete or gunite applications.

The Process:  All loose concrete was removed.  The rebar was de-scaled, and a coat of FlexPrime was applied to prevent further rusting.  A FlexKrete prime coat was applied using FlexTemp Additive, which enabled immediate application of the overhead mixture.  The FlexKrete was packed into place, then sliced and troweled flush to grade.

Pitted Stair Face Repairs

These steps had a failing cement based coating that had been used previously on these broken and pitted step faces. For these repairs, all of the cracked and delaminated materials were chipped off. FlexPrime was used, but to speed things up, a coat of catalyzed and FlexTemp'ed FlexKrete resin was also painted on the faces of these steps prior to applying the vertical mix. One part FlexKrete to 1.5 parts fumed silica and 2 parts sand were used to create a smooth trowel-able blend.