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KNK Concrete Express

Full Service Concrete  Replacement and Repair Contractor

With many previous years of experience with large projects, working for a large builder, Karl & Kerri Bontrager started this full service concrete company back in 2003 to serve the small to medium sized commercial repair market in the Dallas Fort Worth Region. In the past several years they have also worked to save their clients money by installing FlexKrete instead of full depth repair when feasible.

Weatherproofing Services

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance Repairs + Roofing, Waterproofing and Sheet Metal Repairs

We would like to recommend one of Texas' most qualified FlexKrete installers.  They provide commercial and industrial facility management with professional diagnostics, scope of work specification and scope of work execution to solve weather related moisture and maintenance problems.

From our flooring work in the food service industry, we would like to recommend this full service national company that manufactures and installs top of the line stainless-steel area drains, trench drains, cleanouts and P-traps as well as custom drains built to  customer specifications.

FlexKrete Manufacturing
Roy Perrin  

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Texas Guitars

This company builds custom Texas Shaped Guitars for the discriminating Texan.

The model shown here is their TEXAS T CASTER, and is bold as the state of Texas!  If you have been considering purchasing a new electric guitar, I recommend you check these guys out to see what they can customize for you.  When it comes to affordable and unique electric guitars, these guys come through with style.

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