FlexKrete Products

This page contains our main concrete repair products.

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FlexKrete 102
A Better Alternative for Concrete Repair: FlexKrete is an advanced thermoset vinyl polymer (with catalyst) that is mixed with up to 4 parts of industrial grade sand to repair concrete and put it back into service in less than an hour.  With FlexKrete there is no need for saw-cutting, jack hammering, re-barring, re-pouring, and putting up cones for a week.  You can easily repair Potholes, Spalls, Curbs, Stairs, Vertical Repairs, Overhead Repairs, Freezer Rooms and many more.  FlexKrete is also used for non-skid decorative broadcast applications on wheelchair ramps, entryways, work stations, floors and pool decks.

FlexKrete is packaged in 5 gallon plastic buckets and also includes an easy to use catalyst bottle. FlexKrete is gray in color, and when mixed with the recommended sand, will closely match the color and appearance of existing concrete flatwork.  FlexKrete can also be ordered in Clear/Amber color for other applications.

FlexTemp Additive
Cold Weather Additive: FlexTemp Additive is an extremely potent cure promoter that is used with FlexKrete to promote a one hour set time in temperatures down to 0 degrees.  FlexTemp is also used in temperatures above 40 degrees to generate cure times as fast as 10 minutes! 

FlexTemp is packaged in easy to use measuring bottles and contains enough additive to make 5 gallons of FlexKrete cure in one hour at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  FlexTemp can also be used to accelerate set times in other  temperatures as well.  An example would be that in 70 degree weather, if you add the full zero degree recommended amount, you will achieve final set in about 10 minutes! 

Applicators can vary the amount of FlexTemp used to adjust desired set times.

Rust Inhibitor & Damp Primer: FlexPrime is a two component, modified polymer that is applied as a penetrating bond agent for concrete and steel.  FlexPrime promotes adhesion to damp concrete and is used over tightly adhered rust to stop corrosion. FlexPrime is a great item to have available for instances where the pavement is damp or when you need to do FlexKrete repairs over rusty metal or re-bar.

The secret to making FlexPrime work more rapidly is to mix the components together extremely well, the longer the better, and when applying do not leave puddles or a thick coating.   Since it is nearly impossible to torch dry a very large damp area, FlexPrime will come to the rescue.  You will get phenomenal square foot coverage and excellent penetration. 

FlexSealer 1000
Water Clear Top-Coat: FlexSealer 1000 is an advanced, aqueous single component, quick drying, high gloss, water clear copolymer that is used as a final seal coat on broadcast systems, and over other coatings.  FlexSealer has excellent adhesion, flexibility, impact and abrasion resistance.  FlexSealer may also be used on stamped concrete, masonry products, wood, steel, fiberglass, plastic, and FlexKrete!

FlexSealer 1000 is packaged in 5 gallon buckets and is water clear in color.  FlexSealer 1000 can be tinted to any color with a water based acrylic tint base, at a ratio of no more than 12%.  FlexSealer 1000 yields about 125 to 200 square foot a gallon depending on the porosity of the substrate.

FlexKrete 1 gallon starter kit FlexKrete Starter Kit
One Gallon Kit: The starter kit contains one gallon of FlexKrete resin, 1.5 ounces of catalyst, a 10 ounce kit of FlexPrime, 3 parts sand and a measuring container. When mixed, the kit will yield almost 3/4 cu. ft. of product. Everything is shipped in a boxed 5-gallon plastic pail.