Ancillary Products

This page contains useful products that are often used with FlexKrete projects.

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You may also access printable data sheets and technical bulletins in the Resource Section, PDF Library.

Amorphous Fumed Silica
Stiffener for FlexKrete V&O Repairs: Used as an additive in FlexKrete to stiffen the slurry for formless vertical and overhead applications.     Since you will be using no more than 2 parts fumed silica to one part of FlexKrete, you will need approximately 1.5 lbs of fumed silica per gallon of FlexKrete.  Material is  dust-like and therefore requires the user to wear appropriate respiratory protection.

FlexKrete Industrial Sand
Kiln Dried, Medium Grade - 50 lb BAGS: 50 lbs of sand to one gallon of FlexKrete makes a  perfect slurry for Flatwork.  Sand is heavy, therefore very expensive to ship, but we routinely deliver to our local clients with FlexKrete orders or will help load for customer pick-up. The ideal grade of sand for FlexKrete is a 40 mesh size at about 85%.

Chips Unlimited Vinyl Chips

CHIPS for use as a design element in durable, seamless flooring systems. Our CHIPS (also known as flakes or flecks) are the highest performing brand available, and are used to enhance all types of residential, commercial, and industrial environments, from garages, utility rooms, and basements to high-traffic corridors, restrooms, warehouses, and retail spaces.  CHIPS UNLIMITED offers a great design tool and blend library you can use for your next project.

Colored Quartz for Decorative Applications
There are a myriad of colors and size grades to choose from. You can also mix several colors together for a custom speckled look.  Here is a link to 3M's Quartz Colors page.  Here is a link to Estes PermaColor Blended Quartz.

FlexKrete Tools & Supplies
Tools and Supplies: We are in the process of negotiating for large volumes of ancillary supplies.  Currently our pricing for these items may not beat your local hardware store.

Acetone, Brushes, Rollers, and Roller Handles Gloves, Knee-Pads, Rags, Hand Cleaner,  Mixing Paddles, Trowels and Paddles, Lidded Containers, Muck Buckets and Carts , High Torque, Low Speed Drills 5/8",  Heavy Duty Angle Grinders, Diamond Cup Wheels, and Stone Cup Wheels.

If you are in need of these supplies with your order, we can deliver them at the same time.